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  • Reputation Marketing

  • People believe what they hear online, More Now than EVER!

    Negative Remarks online or Not Enough Positive feedback WILL hurt your bottom line AND your brand.

    Together we Build your Positive Reputation Online! People will more likely buy your products or Services if they believe in you! We can help overturn bad feedback, or help further build positive feedback for your Company! Real time monitoring allows you to stay in touch with your customers. We provide you a private feedback page to help build your 5 Star reputation Online. Also this page acts as a first line of defense against negative reviews giving you an opportunity to fix problems before they reach the web. There is also More, call to inquire!

    If you type your business’s name into Google, you may be surprised at what you find on the front page.

    Do you have bad reviews?

    Do you have any reviews at all?

    When people want to know more about a business, one of the first things that they tend to do is search for it on the web to find reviews from customers.

    If you have bad reviews about your business displayed on the front page of Google or even no reviews at all, a potential customer is going to look elsewhere for the products and services you offer.

    And if they come across any of your competitors who have more positive reviews than you, chances of them doing business with your competitors over you, increases drastically. Reviews play a very significant role when it comes to making a purchase decision on the internet. Some companies, like amazon.com, have made reviews a core part of their marketing plan...because they are a very powerful yet FREE form of advertising.

    For most businesses, reviews usually come naturally, and they are usually positive, but all it takes is a few bad reviews to ruin your entire reputation online.

    If you're business has bad reviews prominently displayed on the front page of the search engines, you need a "reputation management campaign".

    Reputation management is the process of systematically drowning out or completely removing bad reviews about your business online.

    And that's where we come in.

    We can work with you to design and employ techniques that reduce the number of negative reviews about your business and develop a system to drastically increase the amount of positive reviews that you get!

    And before you know it, you're business's online reputation will be back again.

    Don’t waste another minute losing PAYING customers to bad reviews.

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