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  • What is Domain Forwarding

    The question, “what is domain forwarding?”

    Domain forwarding is when you pay for your domain name, but assign it to a website that already exists. This is useful in that it does not require you to pay for server space to host your web site. However, it has some disadvantages as well. It will be harder to monetize your web site if you just forward your domain to an account on a web site you don’t run, unless you specifically sign up on a web site that in some way facilitates this. Some blogging sites allow the user to host Google AdSense ads on their personal pages, but how successful you will be with this?

    One way to enable domain forwarding to your website is to make use of the ‘domain forwarding’ feature which is present in most of the domain registrar’s control panels which you get access after you finish. You can mask or unmask the path (the part in URL after domain name) or entire URL in browser window. Another way to use domain forwarding is by using ‘CNAME’ or ‘A’ records.

    Like with many things, registering your domain name and deciding whether it is a good idea to forward it or not is mostly up to what you are planning to do. If you want to make your own website with original content that will generate revenue, you should likely register a good domain name and pay for hosting space. But, if you just want to have your own personal blog on the internet, it would be easier to get a cheap domain and forward it to an already established blogging web site.

    It’s entirely up to your discretion, but either way, I hope you’ve found this article about domain registration and domain forwarding helpful on your journey to create your own web site.


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